Customized Electronics Installation Services

Trying to install a new entertainment system can be quite complicated, and is often frustrating. Here at San Juan Sound and Vision, in Telluride, Colorado, we specialize in simplifying the process by providing stress-free electronics installation and integration services.

No matter what device or system you are trying to install, we can provide a complete installation, as well as teach you how to operate the system. Our knowledgeable staff is experienced in working with all types of popular electronics and home automation technology. In addition, we use specialized training to integrate the latest innovations into our repertoire.

TV, Audio, Network, and Phone Wiring Services

Because no one likes looking at ugly wires, we offer custom TV, audio, network, and phone set up and wiring installation. Our team provides wiring services for every purpose related to entertainment and communication, including:

  • Phone & Data Wiring & Finishing
  • Wall Wiring & Hidden Wiring
  • Standard Phone Jack Setup
  • Wireless & Hardwired Home Networking
  • Audio System Wiring Setup

Picture Quality & Video Streaming

In addition to wiring installation, we also fine-tune your electronics for personalized use. Our skilled technicians not only set up your TVs and entertainment systems but also adjust the picture quality on your screen to display the highest quality possible. In addition, we also give you access to all types of video content by connecting you to popular internet streaming apps.


Automating Your Home with Apple™ & Android™ Integration

To help you modernize your home, we offer seamless iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch, and Android control integration. With this service, you'll be able to control various aspects of your home, including your thermostat and security system, right from your phone or tablet.

Contact us for fast, responsive, and friendly electronics installation services.